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    rib fall at a US Kentucky mine kills miner

    Miner dies in rib fall

    A coal miner with 12 years underground experience has died following injuries sustained in a rib fall at a US mine. According to local media, Felix North was critically injured in an incident on May...

    Curragh mine have painted a haul truck pink and blue for breast and prostate cancer awareness

    Curragh ramps up message for cancer association

    The team at Thiess Curragh have ramped up a message for a leading Cancer Association with the colouring of haul truck trays blue and pink for Prostate and Breast Cancer.? The tray has aimed to raise...

    Productivity before safety - do we justify our actions in light of risks

    Do mining companies put productivity before safety?

    Some time ago we interviewed Professor Sidney Dekker (one of Australia’s Safety Thought Leaders) on his thoughts about whether mining companies put productivity before safety. This is what he...

    Funghi for gold exploration. Image shows gold bound to capillaries in funghi

    Fungi may offer clues for gold deposit discoveries

    Geologists from the CSIRO are examining the use of fungi as a means for discovering gold deposits in groundbreaking low-impact exploration. While existing methods of discoveries have included...

    The Draeger Mines Rescue Vehicle

    New mines rescue vehicle could revolutionise rescue

    A new mines rescue vehicle that has been developed specifically for use in Canadian mines could revolutionise the way teams approach a rescue. Dr?ger and mining vehicle manufacturer Paus have teamed...

    waterproof work boots mining

    Waterproof work boots | There’s a new boot in town

    Introducing Oliver Footwear’s All Terrain (AT) 65-493 riggers boot and 65-791 waterproof work boots & mining boots, from its first new range of 2019. The 100% waterproof, heavy-duty, full grain...

    solar farm safety training kick off now

    Solar farm safety ramps up in Queensland

    The Queensland Government is providing subsidised training for electrical workers to assist in improving solar farm safety for workers and improve compliance as a new code of practice is rolled out...

    Risk reduction program BHP Nudge

    Priority rules program delivers risk reduction

    BHP Mitsui Coal’s (BMC) Poitrel Mine has recently completed their Priority Rules Nudge Program, with the team achieving a sustained > 70 per cent reduction in material risk reduction...

    employee reinstated

    Former Cummins employee reinstated with $1.1M Backpay

    Following a recent Federal Court decision, global engine manufacturer Cummins Group was forced to reinstate a 34-year senior employee who it had sacked three years ago; and pay him A$1.1 million in...

    Briseis Tin Mine disaster

    Lessons from the past: Breaking Briseis

    Sophie Blackshaw takes a look back at Tasmania’s mining past and examines the lead-up and aftermath of the Briseis Tin Mine Dam Disaster of 1929 where the burst of a dam wall took with it a part of...

    A new Ex Phone is capable of use in hazardous areas

    New Ex Phone Hits market

    Ecom has launched the 10th Generation of a certified Ex Phone (Zone 1/21 plus 2/22 + Division 1 & Division 2) specifically targeted at hazardous areas. Simple, robust and practice-oriented, the...

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